Small Businesses for Elizabeth

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Elizabeth believes small businesses are the backbone of our economy. 

This morning in Dorchester, Elizabeth joined local business owners to launch her “Small Businesses for Elizabeth” group. Hundreds of small business owners from across Massachusetts have signed up to show their support. Watch the launch here and then share it with your friends. 

As a consumer advocate, Elizabeth has spent her career fighting to ensure that small businesses can compete on a level playing field. 

And in Washington, Elizabeth will fight to end special tax breaks and loopholes that only benefit the largest corporations so small businesses can grow and create jobs.

Are you a small business owner? Please sign up for Small Businesses for Elizabeth today.

Massachusetts Credit Unions Stand with Elizabeth Warren

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Elizabeth Warren - Massachusetts Credit Union League EndorsementLast week, Elizabeth Warren received the endorsement of the Massachusetts Credit Union League at an event held at Worcester Credit Union's Main Street branch. The League is one of the oldest U.S. trades groups still in operation, and this marks the first time they have officially endorsed a candidate for public office.

"Elizabeth Warren has been a strong and vocal proponent of the benefits that credit unions provide to working families across the Commonwealth and around the country," the League's President Dan Egan said at the endorsement event.

Elizabeth has devoted her career to building a credit market that works for American families, for lenders who want to serve those families, and for the economy as a whole. The League's endorsement shows that Elizabeth's vision for credit markets has gained traction from responsible lenders.

"I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Massachusetts Credit Union League," Elizabeth said to the League's Board of Directors. "It is critically important to support credit unions and the hard-working Americans who rely on their services."

At the event, Elizabeth met with Judy Fredenberg, a single mother of four from Fitchburg and a veteran of the Air Force. A few years ago, Judy found herself in a difficult financial situation that resulted in a foreclosure on her home. Fortunately, with the help of her credit union, Judy was able to accomplish her goal of reclaiming, in her words, "the only home my children have ever known."

The credit union endorsement coincided with the one-year anniversary of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau opening its doors. In her remarks, Elizabeth emphasized that the mission of every credit union is to serve their members -- the same value that she aimed to incorporate into the new consumer agency's DNA.

"It is our hope and expectation that Elizabeth will ensure that credit unions and their members have an advocate in the Senate," said Egan.

Elizabeth reiterated that she will continue to fight for a level playing field and serve as a voice for Massachusetts credit unions. There are more than 200 credit unions in the Commonwealth with more than 2.5 million members.

I meant what I said

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Last August, I stood in a living room in Andover and talked about why our country faced a massive deficit and what it would take to move us forward as a nation.

I'm proud of what I said. I meant every single word of it.

I said, "There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own." I praised the people who did get rich. I said, "You built a factory and it turned into something terrific or a great idea, God Bless!" But I asked those who make it big to invest in the next generation of kids so they will have a chance too.

Nearly one million people have watched the video from that house party. If you haven't seen the full clip, you can watch it here. And If you've seen it, you can watch it again -- and share it with your friends. Let's show Scott Brown and Mitt Romney that we won't back down:

We don't know who is going to have the next big idea in America.

But we're pretty sure they're going to need employees who can read and write. They're going to need power to keep the lights on and clean water and functioning sewers to keep going. They're going to need roads and bridges to move their goods to market or bring customers to their store. And they're going to need police officers and firefighters to keep their businesses safe.

That's what makes America great. We make the investments together -- to put the conditions in place so that businesses can flourish and create more opportunities for all of us. And it keeps going forward. When we make it, all of us have an obligation to invest in creating the conditions so the next kid can get ahead, and the kid after that, and the kid after that.

I believe in small businesses. My brother started a small business. My daughter started a small business. My aunt started a small business--and that's where I worked when I was a teenager. I've seen up close and personal how hard small business owners work and how much they risk to make their businesses succeed.

Right now, Washington's rigged for the big corporations who can afford armies of lobbyists and lawyers -- not America's small businesses. If Republicans like Scott Brown and Mitt Romney have their way, the system is going to stay rigged for the big guys.

The Republicans have their vision for the future. It says, "I've got mine, the rest of you are on your own."

That's not the American Dream. That's not how we build a future for ourselves and our children. We build a future together.

Elizabeth Warren: "We can hold the big banks accountable"

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Last night, Elizabeth marked the one-year anniversary of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau opening its doors in remarks at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.

Elizabeth spoke about how she came up with the idea for the CFPB and the great opposition it faced from the big banks. She recalled the obstacles the big banks and their lobbyists had put before reform advocates, and the struggle to make her idea a reality.

The conversation that followed included questions about the LIBOR scandal, the continued JP Morgan losses, Scott Brown’s vote against the DISCLOSE Act, and the general state of Congressional gridlock. Elizabeth took questions from the audience and received a standing ovation.

Watch Elizabeth’s speech below:

67% more effective

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Scott Brown and the Republican Party love to talk about how fiscally responsible they are.

But an independent analysis reported in the Boston Globe says that Elizabeth's economic proposals "would trim 67 percent more from the debt over 10 years than those offered by Brown."

Scott Brown's grandstanding about the debt and deficit is just that -- grandstanding. Make sure your friends and family know who is really going to turn our economy around.

Sign on to show your support for Elizabeth's economic plan.
Scott Brown supports the extreme right-wing proposals of Grover Norquist and marches side-by-side with the same Washington Republicans that blew a massive hole in the federal budget.

Scott Brown has protected tax breaks for millionaires and failed to close corporate loopholes that cost the federal government billions of dollars.

Here's what Elizabeth wants to do:

  • End Tax Breaks for the Wealthiest Americans: Return to the Clinton Era tax rates for the wealthiest, and end special breaks that allow millionaires and billionaires to pay a lower tax rate than middle class families.
  • Cut Subsidies to Big Oil: End special breaks to some of the most profitable companies in America.
  • Save Money on Defense: End the war in Afghanistan consistent with the safety of our troops, and save money by aligning our defense budget with our strategic goals.

Elizabeth will also fight for real Wall Street accountability, for a level playing field for small businesses, and for investments in our future -- both to strengthen our economy and give everyone a fair chance at success. And she'll do it without threatening Social Security or Medicare benefits.

Let your friends and family know: Elizabeth is the more fiscally responsible candidate in this race. Sign on to her economic plan now.