Issues Facing Urban Neighborhoods

“She has been advocating on core issues that matter to families her entire career. She is going to be an outstanding senator from Massachusetts.”

-President Barack Obama


Elizabeth supports President Obama’s jobs bills to improve job training, help small businesses and small-business hiring, and secure funding for youth summer jobs programs. She supports federal funding to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, which will put thousands of people to work in construction and related jobs, and she believes in a strong unemployment insurance system.


We need a housing policy that helps people stay in their homes, prevents foreclosures, and helps those with underwater mortgages. Elizabeth’s “all of the above” approach includes: principal write-downs, refinancing options for homes that are underwater, cash for keys, and short sales.

Health Care

Elizabeth will fight against attempts to repeal these historic gains. However, the cost of health care remains too high. Massachusetts has been a leader in developing innovative ways to improve health outcomes – including preventive care to reduce chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and asthma, and efforts to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS – while reducing costs and rooting out fraud, waste, and abuse.


Elizabeth started her career teaching special-needs kids in a public elementary school. She believes the achievement gap can be closed only by improving and supporting education from pre-K to college. She will fight to preserve Head Start and school lunch programs, work with teachers and parents to improve schools, encourage elementary and middle school mentoring programs, prioritize advanced technical training programs, support high school-to-community-college pipelines, and work to make college more affordable.

Crime and Public Safety

Elizabeth will support our first responders, the enforcement of tough gun laws to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals, and anti-trafficking efforts. Elizabeth supports community policing, anti-gang, and safe neighborhood initiatives because she knows that good public safety happens when police, community leaders, clergy, district service providers, prosecutors and sheriffs work together. She supports substance abuse treatment programs that reduce recidivism and help people get jobs.


Elizabeth believes in common-sense, comprehensive immigration reform. She fully supports President Obama’s decision to implement a visa program for children of undocumented immigrants immediately and she will fight to pass the remaining provisions of the bipartisan DREAM Act.

Predatory Lending

Elizabeth fought against predatory lenders and financial tricks and traps when she was setting up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a watchdog agency to help make sure consumers are treated fairly by financial institutions. As a Senator, Elizabeth will fight to ensure that discrimination on financial products — which we know for a fact disproportionately affects minority communities — cannot happen again.

Voting Rights

Elizabeth knows that efforts to suppress and intimidate voters are alive and well in 2012. Elizabeth believes it is the responsibility of the courts and government officials to uphold voting rights secured by the Constitution and laws.